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Jill is one of the most understanding people I have ever worked with, we used a couple of tutors and Jill was way ahead of the field in connecting with people. She is able to get through even complex situations, building not only knowledge in her students but the confidence they need to succeed.

She was instrumental in helping our son overcome issues he had in school as an undiagnosed dyslexic, where the school system failed Jill repaired the damage.

- Susan

Working with Jill for the last year has been a real pleasure. She has demonstrated great professionalism, enthusiasm and kindness towards her students and colleagues.The students she has worked with have come so far. She has encouraged them to develop life and work skills which has improved their confidence, independence and employability.

Jill’s dedication towards her students is plain to see and her strengths in communication allow her to get the best out of her students.

- Alex

Jill has the ability to make the complex seem simple, thanks to her I was able to finally get my GCSE math as an adult. Jill can relate to all ages, her kind nature comes over from the moment you meet, creating a safe space to learn where no question is silly.

- Craig

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